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I have been a freelance photographer and filmmaker for about seven years. Beyond that, I have a full time teaching job that I absolutely LOVE. When I got engaged and went through the daunting task of finding a photographer for my wedding, I was so sad when all of the photographers I loved and had been following for years were way too pricey for me. 

I'm not alone in this. 45% of couples go over budget on their wedding by thousands of dollars. I feel passionate about giving you an affordable option that you can be happy with. I want you to be able to have what you want and not feel like you're being stretched thin. So you may notice that my prices are lower than your average wedding photographer. This is very intentional. I have had multiple phone calls with vendor websites who have advised me to raise my prices. But this is part of my mission, something I feel made to do for you, and I'm privileged enough that this is not my primary income so I have the ability to do it. I'm SO excited to be able to give you an experience and product that you feel truly happy about. 

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